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🎨 Designer

Currently as Senior Product Designer with InMarket, I am an impact-driven design professional with a mixed background in UX design, business administration, and architecture. My user-centered design experience and business-centered strategic thinking contributed tremendously to how I work.

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📸 Photographer

I always bring my cameras with me wherever I go after work. As the founder of ROVERMAN Photography studio, I enjoy capturing amazing images in my spare time, including milky way, landscape, portraits, and fashion. Photography, to me, is about exploring the world and capturing the very best moments of it.

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📖 Writer

Back in 2018, I wrote and published my 1st book The Tale of 10 Extraordinary U.S. Cities from Traditional to Delirious with fellow co-autors in China, and it's a huge success. The travel book focused on how urban spaces were designed to shape the user experience of citizens.

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🍜 Foodie

Born in the heart of Sichuan cuisine, I would never turn my back on good food. I love spicy hot pot, Korean BBQ, Thai curry, Japanese ramen, pesto sauce pasta... Homecooking is a family skill, and keeps me busy at home. If you have good cooking tips, please share with me!

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